November 17, 2016

MeanwhIle. . .

More than 300,000 signed up for Obamacare after Trump was elected 

US divorces plunge to 35 year low

A new study found that in 2006 and 2013, up to 80,000 reindeer died of starvation as a result of warmer and wetter seasons.

Washington's terrible former school superintendent Michelle Rhee is reportedly on the list to become Secretary of Education. 

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Anonymous said...

300,000 folks who'll likely not be in a position to afford to use that insurance due to oppressive co-pays, etc. However, these same folks can afford contending even less with the increasing schedule of fines at tax time for not signing up. It's strange kind of extortion, that. Make no mistake about, despite the failure of media to mention it prior to the election, the October ACA signup coming at the same time folks were making final decisions regarding the November 8th election did not bode well for Clinton's chances. For some time Democrats have functioned under the delusion of ACA's success and perhaps honesty, if not naively so, believed public satisfaction with the legislation would be their election ace card---whoops!, nearly wrote trump card there but...
However, ACA is in fact not a success at all but rather one more unnecessary burden imposed upon a populace struggling to survive the three and a half decades of neoliberal assault. Guessing it was considerably more than a few as yet uncommitted voters for whom the ACA sign-up proved the deal breaker.