November 21, 2016

Meanwhile. . .

Hillary Clinton's popular-vote victory now exceeds that of Presidents: Bush/2000, Carter/1976, Nixon/1968, Kennedy/1960

Latest popular vote count puts Hillary Clinton 1.7 million ahead of Donald Trump.

A record 6.1 million Americans are forbidden to vote because of felony disenfranchisement, or laws restricting voting rights for those convicted of felony-level crimes. The number of disenfranchised individuals has increased dramatically along with the rise in criminal justice populations in recent decades, rising from an estimated 1.17 million in 1976 to 6.1 million today.

Pope Francis has given all priests the power to forgive women who have had an abortion, saying the procedure was a “grave sin” but one that God’s mercy could wipe away for those with a repentant heart.

Washington pot sales surpass $200 million in one quarter

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