November 14, 2016

Meanwhile . .

Cases of heart disease down 20% in last four decades

Gwen Ifill has died at age 61

One of a few silver linings in an otherwise doom-and-gloom Election Day was in Massachusetts—where, despite being outspent by corporate education reformers, a teacher-led coalition beat back charter school expansion. “We took on the corporate giants and won,” said Concord teacher Merrie Najimy, president of her local union. “We did it the old-fashioned way, by organizing and building relationships.”

WSCH - The new guns on the Navy’s biggest and most advanced destroyer are going to be firing blanks if the Navy can’t find cost-effective projectiles. The GPS-guided, rocket-powered projectiles developed for the new 155mm Advanced Gun System currently cost about $800,000 apiece, nearly as much as a cruise missile, making them too expensive for the Navy to buy in large quantities for the stealthy USS Zumwalt, according to officials.

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greg gerritt said...

The story is that people of color beneifit the most from charter schools, but the results in MA show that people of color oppose charter schools as much or more than anyone else.