November 16, 2016

Meanwhile (at 12 AM). . .

improbable Research - If you are sometimes tempted to ask “What is the relationship between smartphone multitasking and romantic intimacy?” may we recommend a paper in Psychological Reports, August 5, 2016, entitled : Intimacy and Smartphone Multitasking—A New Oxymoron? “This research suggests that smartphone multitasking has a negative association with face-to-face interactions. People should attend to the costs of smartphone use during face-to-face interactions.

People are burning New Balance shoes after company supported Trump 

Three NBA boycotting Trump hotels

LAPD police chief says department won't help Trump deport

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Anonymous said...

And in this age of tech idolatry, who's to say sexual intimacy necessarily has to have anything to do with 'face-to-face interactions'? We submit for your perusal:
" Trawling the Internet for evidence of the above I discovered a Reddit forum titled: ‘I masturbate to Siri and I feel disgusting’. The poster says he’s a 20 year old male, who started talking to Siri sexually as a joke before realising that 'it really turned me on.'
The phenomenon clearly has farther reaches than one sole forum post. VA creators and chatbot companies predict such interactions and put algorithmic safeguards in place to deter feelings of emotional and sexual attachment from costumers."