November 23, 2016

Help Undernews

If you have figured out a way to tell which policies Trump claims to believe in he will reject in a month or two, please let us know.


Pollyanna Pete said...

Trump is a tough one to figure out. He's quite shrewd, and holds his cards close to the vest. And since he has no organized constituency and is opposed by every major political group and media organization, he's unconstrained in his actions.

But from his biography I think we can get a hint at his motivations. He likes winning, and he likes watching the score. From his time in military school, where he liked racking up merits and metals, through his business career where dollars make a nice point score. For his books and TV shows he watches the sales and viewership and mentioned them frequently. And throughout the campaign he referred constantly to the poll numbers as if pointing to the score board.

So what's the new point total that he's going to be looking at? I think he'll be watching his Presidential Approval Rating. And adjusting his policy and actions to maximize it.

It'll be pretty weird - a combination of pure democracy and reality TV. And even weirder if the press and advocacy groups start catching on to this and adjusting their coverage and message to drive the opinion ratings in turn to drive public policy.

Buckle up, buckaroos!

Anonymous said...

Pollyanna Pete raises some valid points. The thing about Trump that makes him somewhat different from all too many other Republicans is that he's not an ideologue, and as such, he is capable of changing his mind---a point conspicuously lacking in the myriad anti-Trumps hysterics.
It is already evident that he is walking back most of his extremist campaign vows. In the recent New York Times meeting he acknowledged anthropogenic impact upon climate change and expressed unwillingness to have the Clintons prosecuted. Last week he voiced his opinion that the established Supreme Court decisions have settled the matter of same sex marriage as 'established law'.
The idea of Trump's pride and obsession with winning acting the moderating influence upon him seems plausible.
It is entirely possible his presidency might end up being a remarkable success in turning back the neoliberal economic global assault.