November 8, 2016

Election update 2 PM

 Early voting is up 77 percent in the District from 2012

There are 808 fewer places to vote thanks to the Supreme Court

Gisele Bündchen — wife of NFL superstar Tom Brady — flatly rejected Donald Trump’s assertion that her husband had voted for the GOP nominee.

Canadian newspaper catalogs almost 500 Trump lies

Based on the average of recent polls: Nationally, Hillary Clinton is five points ahead of Trump. This this is 7 points better than her worst position vs Trump and two points less than her best. Her current average percentage is 45%, Her campaign range has been 38-48%

Some 40,000 people at Clinton-Obama Philadelphia rally, new record for Democrats.

More than 100,000 registered voters in the District, almost 540,000 in Virginia and about 870,000 in Maryland, already have cast ballots in Tuesday’s general elections, according to elections officials.
D.C. officials said nearly twice as many residents took advantage of early voting this year than in the 2012 presidential election. About 57,000 voted early in 2012, and 101,077 participated in early voting from Oct. 22 to Nov. 4. 


Tom Puckett said...

The voting line was out the door and down the stairs at McLean Virginia's Langley High School (go Saxons!) at 5:45am this morning.

I've haven't seen voting at Langley HS that crowded that early, since I started voting at my high school again in 1992.

This is good - many are invested in this election and want their voices heard, the way it should be!

Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

The results are in and any analysis that fails to recognize this as at least in a part a repudiation of the ills inflicted upon this nation during the Clinton administration of the nineties will miss an important point. NAFTA/GATT/WTO devastated the industrial heartland of the United States. Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act empowered and enriched certain financial interests to the profound detriment of everyone else. That repeal along with failures to regulate and manage derivative and other 'secondary markets' fostered the financial collapse of 2008 that decimated savings and retirement accounts. Most destructive of all was the Clinton administration's to failure to exploit the opportunity to manifest the so-called 'peace dividend' when the Soviet Union broke apart. Rather than transition to an economy embracing different priorities Clinton shifted the US war machine into overdrive in quest of global hegemony, expanding NATO, and initiation of proxy wars of destabilization.
Though the processes may have be begun prior to Clinton, it was he who brought them to fruition. His time was one of crucial nexus and he failed to choose decisions favoring peace and a general, broad prosperity. As a direct consequence we see the troubled world of today. Folks are not as stupid as the denizens of the beltway may think. The regular guy sees what's going on and can put two and two together. Hillary wasn't fooling that many people. Her legacy is intimately to Slick's. Their subservience to mammon is blatant and obvious to anyone willing to look. Folks have long memories and this election absolutely a repudiation of what went before. The Democratic Party's crude attempts to portray her as otherwise clearly failed. The overbearing and disproportionate hyperbole of the campaign intended to evoke fear of the opponent only served to reinforce suspicion and contempt for Hillary. The manipulations of the so-called 'super delegates' only served to reinforce suspicion and contempt for Hillary. The failure to compromise and accommodate the Sanders faction with more meaningful platform concessions and vice presidential pick only served to reinforce suspicion and contempt for Hillary. The concerted effort to deny other party participation at the debates only served to reinforce suspicion and contempt for Hillary. The failure to absolutely commit to not signing TPP/TTIP/TISA only served to reinforce suspicion and contempt for Hillary. The failure to absolutely commit to Mideast peace and military withdrawal only served to reinforce suspicion and contempt for Hillary. This list can go on on. The truth is Hillary was a deeply flawed candidate who never should have been presented as the representative of the Democratic Party. Folks have had enough of the old DLC and its legacy acolytes who now dominate. Unless someone figures that out, the Democrats are set to go the way of the Whigs. They lost control of all three federal branches and they aren't doing so well in the states.
Will this be the lesson it ought?

Anonymous said...

Make no mistake about it, this election was in good measure a repudiation of Obama's signature health care fiasco. The giveaway to Pharma and the insurance sector imposed incredible economic hardship on the regular working class folks condescendent beltway stiffs sneer at.

The news media played this down or failed outright to mention, but with folks faced with the latest round of ACA signups it must be assumed that sticker shock set in and folks chose to rebel at the poles. "Let's hope Trump keeps his promise"

"On day one of the Trump Administration, we will ask Congress to immediately deliver a full repeal of Obamacare."
"Congress must act. Our elected representatives in the House and Senate must:

Completely repeal Obamacare. Our elected representatives must eliminate the individual mandate. No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to."