October 27, 2016

What the electoral map would look like if only Millenials voted



Anonymous said...

The map is a phony, a crude manipulation of demographic data in the service of promoting the Democratic Party. As demonstrated by the huge following that gathered behind Sanders this past cycle, it is clear that Millennial values more closely align with those espoused by the Green Party. The Democrats have known this for a while and decided back in 2014 that they needed a strategy to seemingly co-opt those position point within acceptable degrees and offer up a candidate to carry them through. Hence was born the States Innovation Exchange, otherwise referred to as SiX. Sanders was there from the beginnings and was presented at the very first public SiX event in late 2014. No one believed, most of all some of those I personally spoke with in the Sanders upper echelon, that the campaign would gain much traction or following. His success presented the party with the dilemma of keeping the 'revolution' under control. Part of the solution for that was to be sure a cooperative press and other media outlets completely freeze out all mention of Dr Stein and the Green Party. We have seen that in action this past year. Even you, Sam, have wittingly or not played a role in this. Certainly that other 'progressive' web site based in Maine has actively done so, going so far as to banish and close accounts of bloggers commenting favorably about Greens on their site--whole strings of posts have been disappeared or altered.
What do we make of this? Well, it is clear that given a fair hearing and equal opportunity awareness of the Green Party among Millennials would likely be dominant and that map you present largely populated by Green states.
Enough already with your blatant Democratic Party propaganda efforts, we're getting tired of it all.

Richard Bell said...

Anonymous is typical of the group of political losers who look at the Sanders campaign and wail about conspiracies by the DNC, etc. Why so-called radicals cling to this doom-and-gloom interpretation is beyond me. Let's look at the situation from a more realistic political perspective. The two parties are really empty shells whose meaning is created by the people who decide to participate in a given party. For example, the Republican Party was once pro-choice, pro-civil rights, etc.

So along comes Sanders, a virtual unknown from a tiny state with very little money, whose candidacy was scorned and put down by basically every representative of the country's powers-that-be. That the DNC tried to favour HRC, which has aroused so much ire, is nothing but politics as usual. Nevertheless, despite all these disadvantages and this intense opposition, the Sanders campaign came close to taking over the Democratic Party. IN JUST ONE YEAR! Instead of moaning and groaning, the forces that propelled Sanders should shut the F..K up, put Clinton in the White House, and then finish the task of taking over the Democratic Party, either in 2018 or 2020 at the latest.

And as far as political realism goes, anyone who thinks that electing Trump would somehow make conditions so bad, "sharpen the contradictions," that the revolution would then take place, such people are living in a dangerous dreamland. Trump will bring the massive repressive powers of the state down on any and all movements who oppose him. There was already plenty of bad repressive legislation on the books before 9/11, but it's only gotten worse since then. Trump would smash all of the social movements that made Sanders possible.

Anonymous said...

To Richard Bell
I respectfully suggest you investigate the history of the States Innovation Exchange. As for your assertion about Sanders supposed political obscurity, it may be conjectured that you reside nowhere near the Northeast and must be unfamiliar with the associated politics of the region. Sanders' posturing the outsider is nothing new to observers of that scene, he's made a career of doing so. His campaign was staffed with Democratic Party old hands including the likes of Tad Devine and the crew of Revolution Messaging---the usual characters playing the old games. The scheme was pretty much transparent as Bruce Dixon laid it out over a year and half ago: