October 16, 2016

Trump and the mob


b.f. said...

coincidentally, london daily mail posted an article about possible "ties to the mob," also, of wall street's and neo-cons' 2016 Democratic presidential candidate at following link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3351235/Hillary-Clinton-s-ties-MOB-former-Secretary-State-met-Mafia-heir-pizzeria-asked-father-s-release-prison-return-offer-couldn-t-refuse.html

Anonymous said...

After reading this article it reminded me of all of the articles in the past of the Clinton connection to the mob.
I also remember in 2008 that Sam made the prediction that if Hillary and Rudy faced off in the 2008 election that it would be the most mobbed up election in US history. I guess this is going to be the most mobbed up election.