October 24, 2016

Tiny house fans seek change in zoning codes

Tree Hugger  - The mainstreaming of affordable and energy-efficient small and tiny homes into our cultural consciousness has picked up tremendous momentum in the last few years, leading many to characterize it as a movement in its own right. Even though tiny homes won't be a fit for everyone, they could potentially help address critical issues like over-consumption and debt, while growing alternative and more sustainable building practices on a larger scale and making housing more affordable.

But the idealism of the movement has usually come up against the restrictive realities of existing zoning and building regulations. In many places, tiny homes exist in a legal gray area of sorts, on top of the fact that there are no widely agreed-upon safety standards for them, making it difficult for wider integration.

Tiny House Build's Andrew Morrison is spearheading a proposed appendix to be added to the 2018 International Residential Code, which will address "ceiling heights, sleeping lofts, loft access, emergency escape and egress, and many other details".

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