October 8, 2016

Serving nontheistic politics

The Secular Coalition for America is a nonprofit advocacy organization serving the nontheistic community in the United States including atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers and other nontheistic Americans.

Among its issues:
  • Health and Safety: The health and safety of an individual should not be compromised by the religious beliefs of another person or group.
  • Education: Children should not be subjected to religious education or exercises in our public schools.
  • Tax Policy: Religious organizations and individuals should not be exempt from the requirements and restrictions of tax policy.
  • Discrimination: Personal religious beliefs do not justify prejudicial actions that violate discrimination laws.
  • Government Actions: The government and officials acting in their government capacity, should not endorse religious beliefs, one religion over another or religion over non-religion.
  • Military: The taxpayer funded U.S. military must serve the beliefs of all service members without privileging one belief over another.
  • International: Even abroad, U.S. government funds, policies, or actions should not endorse religion.
How does Congress rate for non-theists? Here's  SCA's rating of the 2014 Senate:

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