October 17, 2016

A third of Trump ventures were flacid

NY Times - The New York Times analyzed scores of Trump business announcements starting a decade ago, including those posted on the Trump Organization’s website and those that have been deleted but live on in web archives. The Times also combed through news reports, his personal financial disclosures and court records; interviewed partners; and interviewed Mr. Trump himself.

Of the roughly 60 endeavors started or promoted by Mr. Trump during the period analyzed, The Times found few that went off without a hitch. One-third of them never got off the ground or soon petered out. Another third delivered a measure of what was promised — buildings were built, courses taught, a product introduced — but they also encountered substantial problems, like lawsuits, government investigations, partnership woes or market downturns.

The remaining third, while sometimes encountering strife, generally met expectations — notably the television show “The Apprentice” and the purchases of numerous golf courses, including properties near Philadelphia and in the Hudson Valley.


Anonymous said...

The NYTimes has forgotten what it means to be American. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! As a former Democrat, Trump's got my vote. He is a businessman and like all businessmen, has had his successes and failures. God knows, New York's Wall Street has been one huge failure the last decade and got a huge taxpayer bailout that caused worldwide inflation, two things Trump never received - or caused. Anyhow, Trump knows how to fix Americans' health insurance mess -- simply move the employer health insurance tax deduction to everyone's IRS tax return, and let Americans buy health insurance nationwide, circumventing limited networks and regional/state restrictions. Those two reforms alone will finally topple employer purchased health insurance in America. Trump also would not got o war without doing a cost benefit analysis, something Hillary failed to do before creating the disasters that are now Lybia and Syria. Trump may not be as politically smooth and experienced as Hillary with her years of selling access and influence in government in exchange for $250,000 speaking fees, but do we really want Hillary moving a PROVEN philanderer back into the white house for another 8 years when we could instead have a typical American who utters typical locker room talk??

Anonymous said...


So what do you say about all the business owners who took contracts with Trump only to have Trump never pay them? Trump owes hundreds of businesses money that he never pays unless he is hauled into court. Is this presidential behavior? If Trump can't pay his own bills for his business, how do we expect him to do anything positive for the debt, deficit, or budget?

Do you really think that if Trump gets rid of employer heath insurance, that he will compel insurance companies to offer anything that would be affordable or useable? He won't, because he doesn't care about people who work for a living. My best hope for Trump and health insurance is he will break the system so completely that single payer heath care will be the only solution.

My best hope if Trump is elected, will be that congress gridlocks around him, and he accomplishes nothing, but I would like to see the same if Clinton wins.

I despise both Trump and Clinton, and won't be voting for either.