October 24, 2016

A few reasons to vote for Hillary Clinton

More than a few readers find it strange, that given our past exposes and other stories, we should be supporting Hillary Clinton. But as we have noted, we are choosing not just a president but a battlefield on which to fight for good policies and defend those that already exist. Clinton is clearly the best battlefield. For some support of this view, check out this list of policy differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton


Anonymous said...

Policy differences? Well...yeah, it's been the point we've been trying to make for months now. How about the policies that already have displaced millions of people, inflicted savage suffering, and destabilized whole regions? Are you blind to that, Sam? There's certain cognitive dissonance here. Hillary's election will be a guarantee that the TTIP/TPP/TISA will all be signed, more pipelines will snake through the nation as we frack our way to hell, but not to qorry about the eventual affects of that because should the looming specter of WW III become reality none of that other stuff will matter.
You've lost it Sam, maybe it's time to pack it up.

AgustinG said...

Of course, the problem is that with her history of flip flopping on issues, there's no guarantee that anything Hillary says about her policy beliefs will be followed out after she is elected. So the real choice is between voting for someone whom we know wants to enact policies that will greatly harm or country, or for someone who says they won';t enact those terrible policies, but has a history of lying about their beliefs.

Or voting for Stein or writing in Bernie.

Anonymous said...

agree with above. see youtube inteview on cspan with jill stein, the green candidate, "she'll sleep bad with trump prez, but sleep worse with the hillary" all paraphrased of course. this she said in regards to question of her possible showdown with russia in syria, with her proprosed no fly zone. with russia already in the air there! atleast the trump said he could work with putin. And like said, with her ttp is a shoo in!! I.m gambling with the trump card, we can fight him on the streets on other stupid positions! peace L. W.

Tom Puckett said...

And besides the reasons to NOT vote for Hillary Clinton given by Anonymous, the main one for me is that she and the Democrats have no HONOR.

The battlefield argument is just more of the same lesser of two evils talk, which is a false choice - a Green administration will be leading not fighting. And propaganda ministers will always be able to create a greater evil and put it forward with big bucks and unfair advantages so let's forget about that hollow argument; we can always count on the lesser of two evils scenario so let's eliminate it and go forward with what really matters: integrity, honor and a moral compass.

Battlefield Schmattelfield - I'm sick of all this fighting. Let's get the Green Party's peace initiative started, first here at home and then abroad.

Apparently, others agree. Below is an email from the Stein/Baraka campaign today. I've ordered my Stein/Baraka 2016 yard sign... one week's exposure is enough for any political message. Oh, and its time for another $109 for Stein campaign contribution!

Cheers, Tom
Tom, If you watch the corporate media—CNN, ABC, CBS, etc.—you'd think that Jill was polling from 1% to 4%, depending on the outlet.

But those results don't tell the full story!

Jill is killing it among millennials, artists, and left-leaning voters!!!

For example, the artist's network Acceptd ran a poll of its members and Jill came out the leader, ahead of Clinton, Trump, and Gary Johnson, at 40% of the vote!

Then there's the downloadable app called MeetWeThePeople. The polls of its members range from 31% of the vote for Jill in the U.S. overall, and nearly 46% of the vote in California! In most of their polls, SHE’S SHOWING TO BE WAY AHEAD OF HILLARY CLINTON!

That's why we say, don't believe the national polls!

There's another reason, too, and it's even more inisidious. It's apparent from wikileaks documents that ...

The Clinton campaign has manipulated polls from the start!!

Here's what John Podesta wrote in an email:

"I also want to get your Atlas folks to recommend oversamples for our polling before we start in February. By market, regions, etc. I want to get this all compiled into one set of recommendations so we can maximize what we get out of our media polling.”

Why would he want oversampling? Simple. To create overly optimistic polling numbers for Democrats.

Oversampling” means the campaign is having its paid pollsters interview more people in a particular group or groups—like groups that favor Hillary Clinton.

The results make Clinton look stronger than she really is.

Plus, statistically speaking, polls that are oversampled have been shown to be less reliable than polls that are not oversampled. (Hate to get technical but we thought you'd like to know the truth.)

The fact is, the polls—whether national or local—are all over the place this election and no one can predict with any certainty what the results will be on November 8.

That's why it's so critical that you give - today - to keep Jill and Ajamu's campaign strong and our ground-game running across all 50 states.

“It ain't over until it's over” is a famous baseball cliché; in the instance of Jill and Ajamu's race, it's a cliché that also happens to be true!

Will you stand with Jill and Ajamu today?

Will you put your hope with a Green New Deal, the abolishment of student debt, and a full-out mobilization against climate change, institutional racism, and police brutality?

Jill and Ajamu need your support today. In a couple of weeks it will be too late. Don't be stuck wishing that you had done more when you wake up on November 9th.

Help Jill and Ajamu with your donation today! It’s in our hands.

Jill also consistently polls better with millennial voters. The last poll we saw puts Jill at 12% among young voters. Please, give today so we can keep the momentum—and movement—going!

Gloria Mattera
Campaign Chair, Jill2016.com

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with your "battlefield" analysis:

Clinton is truly FOR TPP (her private position she has always maintained until this election cycle - (where she had to counter Bernie's - and Trump's opposition to it).

TPP will just further erode any sovereignty we still have remaining - making Congress, as well as the entire American representative system - even more meaningless than it already was.

The future will be controlled by the political class and their global corporate sponsors - democracy _and politics in this country will become mere shadow wrestling as all the real decisions will have been decided long ago by the corporate governance boards meeting in secret to divide the world.

THAT'S the real "battlefield" here - corporate governance triumphing over self-determination - and it will all be done absent the press, bought off a long time ago to entertain us all to death as Neil Postman predicted, offering us an illusion of choice while all the decisions are made privately by the powers that be.

So while your analysis and strategy seems plausible and rational as a political strategy -when looked at in the context of TPP and other global agreements - as well as Clinton's epic level of corruption and pay for play that's being exposed more and more each day - it just seems like wishful thinking on your part. On your "battlefield" the only victories will be "pyrrhic" ones - which will be quickly overwritten by the machine operating the behind the curtain of Oz and consigned to the "Memory Hole" - before you can even get the cork out of the champagne bottle.

We're now over 40 years into the "Trilateral Commission/Rockefeller Plan" for the establishment of three giant global government regions, to be played off each other endlessly ala "1984". These plans have been out there in full public view for all to see. And soon, thanks to increasing political correctness "thought crime" - no one will even be allowed to mention what is happening.

That is a strategy for tyranny not freedom. Get used to that boot stamping on the human face forever...that's the real symbol of Hillary's campaign.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the "Battlefield Argument" is a reasonable one to make, although I'm personally voting for Stein in CA. The problem, Sam, is that your fear of Trump is leading you to paint a much rosier and less realistic picture of HRC than the one which actually exists.

If you really want HRC skeptics to approach the "battlefield" with open eyes then you've got to temper this seemingly endless stream of Clinton puff pieces with reminders of what she's ACTUALLY DONE and what she's ACTUALLY LIKELY to do when in office.

Otherwise we're just being set up for the tragedy of the first Clinton presidency where liberals would allow Billy to get away with one atrocity after another because we had all collectively convinced ourselves that he was on "Our" side.

Anonymous said...

GMOs, TPP, death and destruction all over the world, wars destroying the lives of millions more innocent people, corruption at every level of government, lies about everything, etc.

Stop smoking so much weed. Anyone who posits a progressive Clinton Administration must have been unconscious during the first one.