September 27, 2016

Welcome to the new Hillary Clinton

Sam Smith - Whoever prepped Hillary Clinton for the first debate deserves a national medal of honor.  Gone was her poor imitation  of her husband’s Arkansas thuggery and the grandiose cattle calling that has hurt so many of her speeches. Instead was a bright, strong, pleasant leader for a new time.

Of course it was made easier because Hillary Clinton doesn’t really exist – only her reaction to things.  But compared to, say, Donald Trump’s consistent narcissism so unperceptive that he even took credit for not paying income taxes, it’s not bad, especially as she discovers a new generation to which to appeal.

And, as noted here recently, it’s happened before as when Lyndon Johnson dumped his segregationist past and led the passage of the great civil rights legislation of the 1960s. Politicians don’t always have to be good to be right.

Now, the key thing about Hillary Clinton is who puts the pressure on her. Thanks to the Sanders crowd, she is learning to react to something far better than in the past. The trick, if she is elected, is for the young, the unfairly treated, and the ignored to become the sound to which she responds. And the first debate was a sign of a great start.  


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Sam. The "sound to which she responds" is and always will be Wall Street and the Deep State. Like Pavlov's Dog.

I really can't believe you think she is redeemable. You know her past as well as anyone.

Anonymous said...

Anyone is redeemable, open your mind

Anonymous said...

No, actually not everyone is redeemable.

Psychopaths (differential diagnosis: exploitation of others without hesitation or remorse) never "grow a conscience". Some might not act out as much when they get older, but they're still human-shaped reptiles, devoid of conscience and with only a meager emotional repertoire. They are expert at feigning humanity, but they don't experience it.

Anonymous said...

A tiger can't change its stripes. HRC is interested in just two things. (1) Expanding her own wealth and power. (2) Expanding the US Empire. In view of her history, it's incredibly naive to believe otherwise. Trump is awful, but HRC is just as awful, and more likely to start WWIII.