September 25, 2016

Trump's new justice choice thinks child labor laws, Medicare and Society Security are unconstitutional

Think Progress - Last May, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump released a list of 11 sitting judges who, he says, fit the ideological mold of the kind of people he will appoint to the Supreme Court if elected president. The list ran the conservative gamut from judges who cut their teeth questioning judicial power to judges who want to revive long-discredited doctrines once used to tear down the minimum wage and other basic labor laws.

On Friday, Trump added 10 names to his list of potential justices. The new list is notable in that it includes a number of fairly obscure judges, including a few who currently serve as trial judges. It also includes people of color, something his first list did not.

The first name on the new list, however, is Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). ...

Lee’s conservatism is rooted in a hard-line understanding of the Constitution that was popular among judges in the early twentieth century but is now widely viewed as wrong and immoral. As a candidate for the senate in 2010, Lee laid out many of the consequences of his vision . . . .Among other things, Lee believes that federal child labor laws, Medicare and Social Security are all unconstitutional.

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Anonymous said...

If teh US Governemnt eliminates Social Security, will it also eliminate the Social Security Payroll Tax? Wouldn't the lost Social Security payroll tax revenue have to be replaced with higher, more progressive income taxes??