September 9, 2016

Trump even rips off his own staff

Political Wire -  Donald Trump “has run an unusually cheap campaign in part by not paying at least 10 top staffers, consultants and advisers, some of whom are no longer with the campaign,” Reuters reports.

“The New York real estate magnate and his allies have touted his campaign’s frugality, saying it is evidence of his management skills. His campaign’s spending has totaled $89.5 million so far, about a third of what Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign has spent. But not compensating top people in a presidential campaign is a departure from campaign finance norms. Many of the positions involved might typically come with six-figure annual paychecks in other campaigns.”

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greg gerritt said...

Scum dirifting to scum and willing to be abused. If they had any smarts or integrity none of those people would have worked for Trump. They got about what they should have expected from Trump, and probably what they deserved for being such amoral creatures.