September 21, 2016

NY Attorney General called Trump University a "straight up fraud."

CNN, June 2016 - New York's attorney general, who is leading a lawsuit against Trump University there, made his view of the case clear: "It's fraud. This is straight up fraud." Eric Schneiderman laced into presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump over the suit during an appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," repeatedly describing the businessman as dishonest and manipulative in his role with the now-defunct program. "The law is very clear. The law protects the gullible as well as the sophisticated. As we've seen over the course of the last year, there are a lot of people who fall for Mr. Trump's promises and rhetoric," Schneiderman said.

Trump is currently facing three separate lawsuits -- two class action suits filed in California and one in New York by Schneiderman -- which argue the program that took in an estimated $40 million, but was mired in fraud and deception. Schneiderman's case argues that Trump and Michael Sexton, the former president of the program, engaged in fraudulent, illegal and deceptive conduct, and that although the program promised to offer courses taught by experts personally selected by Trump, the teachers were neither handpicked nor experts.

Schneiderman also stressed to MSNBC that his suit was not political. "We sued him in 2013. He says it's a political case. Nobody in August 2013 thought that this guy was going to be the Republican nominee for president," the attorney general said . "Thousands of people were bilked out of millions of dollars. Our first priority is to get their money back and to reestablish the legitimacy of educational institutions in New York State."

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Strelnikov said...


Trump has conned and conned and he needs to be broken before it's too late.