September 20, 2016

How birth control really works



Anonymous said...

Birth control is important. But we must not lose sight of the most important things, and lose our focus on the importance of thoroughly defeating the Obama/Clinton/Kissinger cabal of warmongers and terrorists. These are the most violent, lawless people in the world, some of the worst in human history. After they are eliminated, then we can begin the long arduous process of working to re-establish our democracy and address minor issues like birth control. But defeating Hillary takes priority over everything.

Anonymous said...

1:39, Birth control is only a minor issue to you, because I'd wager you personally can't get pregnant. Birth control is not a minor issue to millions of child bearing aged women in this country, who are finding birth control getting ever more expensive and abortion increasingly harder to get. I loath the Clintons and all their corrupt warmongering friends, yet, there is room and time to work on both issues. Regardless on who ends up in the oval office, women will still need birth control once the election is over. If Trump wins, his Veep will continue to try and end safe legal abortions, which will make access to birth control even more important.

This election really is a lose-lose situation for "we the people."

Tom Puckett said...

NB Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka can be voted for directly or written in on the ballots of 47 states & DC. This election could be a win-win... #ItsInOurHands !

Cheers, Tom