August 24, 2016

Trump's companies have accrued $650 million in debt

Washington Examiner - The New York Times published  a detailed analysis of Donald Trump's business dealings and found that his real estate holdings are racked in debt and he owes money to some organizations he has consistently criticized on the campaign trail.

The report into the "financial maze" of Trump's business dealings found that companies he owns have accrued $650 million in debt.

Trump released a 104-page federal financial disclosure form earlier in the campaign, which, according to the Times, claimed he only owed $315 million in debt, less than half of what the report found.

According to the Times, a building on the Avenue of the Americas in New York City's Manhattan borough that is partially owned by Trump has a loan of $950 million that was paid for by a few different entities, including the Bank of China and Goldman Sachs.

In most of his rallies, Trump will mention his plans to stop China's financial influence over the U.S., and bring up his theory that Goldman Sachs owns Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton because it once paid her $675,000 in speaking fees.


Anonymous said...

If Trump wins the election, he can pardon himself, and escape all that debt.

Anonymous said...

And just how did the Clinton's go from being near broke at the end of Bill's term as Hillary claims to having around $200 Million in assets now?

The difference between the Clinton's and Trump is that the Clinton's have always been in "public service" and representing the people of the U.S. Trump has never been. Different standard. Different set of rules.