August 9, 2016

Trump wants to limit free speech around his Washington hotel

Common Dreams

Defending the right to protest, the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has gone to court regarding the “deals” reached by federal and District of Columbia officials with the Trump Organization that appear to privatize portions of Pennsylvania Avenue, one of the country's most historically significant sites for free speech and public assembly.

A section of Pennsylvania Avenue, a National Historic Site that runs from the White House to the Capitol, will be turned over for the use of the Trump Organization along with the large (7,000 square foot) previously public plaza that features an 1889 Benjamin Franklin statue and that abuts the soon-to-open Trump International Hotel at the Old Post Office, as well as a portion of the sidewalk space abutting the Avenue.

The turnover of these spaces creates a “buffer zone” that appears to suppress or extinguish free speech in proximity to the building leased by Trump, restricting access to priority or exclusive use of the Trump Organization.

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greg gerritt said...

Sounds like the criminals in the bureacracy will fit right in with the Turnip