August 6, 2016

Maine Somalians seem to reduce crime, not increase it as Trump implied

Donald Trump said some nasty things about Maine's Somalians, including blaming them for an increase in crime. In fact, although correlation is not causation, if you;re going to make that sort of argument, he was 180 degrees off base.

Boston Globe - In Lewiston, where an estimated 7,000 Somalis live, police said that crime is going down, not up.

“The Somalis have not caused any increase in crime. They’re integrated here in our city,” the acting police chief, Brian O’Malley, said. “The Somalis come here because they want somewhere safe and good schools to raise their kids, and that’s what Lewiston has.”

Crime in the city fell 17 percent in 2015 compared with the year before, continuing a steady, downward trend, O’Malley said.

At least 12,000 Somali refugees are estimated to have migrated to Maine following a horrific civil war in their East African homeland. Many settled first in cities such as Atlanta before moving to Maine to take advantage of more affordable housing and other services.

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Betts said...

I would much rather have a Somalian live next door to me than Tronald Dump.