August 13, 2016

Businessmen don't make good presidents

Paul Brandus, Market Watch - History suggests that there is no link between success in the business world and success in the White House. In fact—and surprisingly—the opposite appears to be true. Presidents with business backgrounds rank poorly among historians and voters, who have turned several of them out of office for poor performance. In fact, since 1900, the only president who is today considered great—Harry Truman—was a failed businessman.

In recent years, two separate, well-respected surveys of historians, political scientists and presidential scholars have ranked the presidents in order of greatness. What did the Siena College Research Institute and American Political Science Association each conclude? That in the aggregate, presidents who first worked in the business world before entering politics, tend to rank in the bottom third of all presidents.


Anonymous said...

Kind of a sloppy bull shit article this one. They sure played fast and loose with their contradictory definitions of 'businessman'---all in the service of another thinly disguised bash Trump exercise of faux journalism.
The data are blatantly and absurdly skewed. One glaring example, on the one hand we have former two term president Bill Clinton's previous occupation listed as 'Governor', yet they identify former one term president Jimmy Carter's previous profession as 'Farmer' despite the fact that Carter, too, had been and was Governor of Georgia when he ran as president. Carter's case also proves more interesting when also compared to former two term president Dwight Eisenhower who's previous employment was US Army General. Carter, it should be noted was a graduate of the US Naval Academy and served for ten years.
By that measure, Carter actually has more background in common with FDR, listed as former governor and Naval Secretary.

Come on Sam, break down and start giving us some real news and intelligent analysis of the pertinent issues that aren't getting covered. There's lots out there that's missing and this playing along with the conventional duopolistic narrative performs no service to your deserving public

greg gerritt said...

I am gtoing to accept Ananymous;'s critics as more useful when the writer tells us who they are rather than posting anonymously.