June 28, 2016

Today's big disappointment

Sam Smith - Julie Mason runs one of my favorite radio programs, so I was shocked today to hear her sound like all those Clinton-fed journalists who have been attacking Bernie Sanders for not giving up and being quiet. In fact, there is no historical reason for a second place candidate to fade before the convention. It's a widely watched TV show and a wonderful time to make your points. Further, you get to fight for the sort of platform you want.

Besides, Bernie wants to move from the election to a movement. There is nothing silly about this. Sanders is the realest Democrat we have had in such a key position since the Great Society. Led by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the party has moved to GOP Lite. But the generational gap in the voting is evidence that this crowd is on its way out and the young want something different and better. They'll have to put up with Hillary Clinton for awhile, but over the long run laying out a better plan for the Democrat's future is an act to be blessed and not cursed.


Anonymous said...

"They'll have to put up with Hillary Clinton for awhile..."

Assuming they survive the nuclear winter that's likely to cap the World War her foreign policies are almost certain to evoke. Sam, how can you be so numb to the obvious? Ash Carter's current saber rattling is merely a prelude of what's to come. Changes are being made in the Department of State and in the various high commands of the military, changes portending a provocative and aggressive foreign policy of imperial expansion. Everywhere around the planet, people are seeing this unfold and are urging caution and restraint---why not you? As Glen Ford has frequently pointed out, the election of Barak Obama enabled the more effective evil, an administration under Hillary will simply be more of the same, that is more effective evilism. World War III will be ugly. World War III will be a near certainty under Hillary Clinton. She doesn't even blanch at the thought of regime change and violent intervention, ask folks in Paraguay, Honduras, the Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and lately the attempts in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

So Hilary is above the law and you are okay with that and have no problem with Bernie the best possible candidate is going to be lost to history.
How do you then feel any different from the big media spoon feeding us bullshit? "They will have to put up with Hilary for a while."
Hilary broke the law and has disqualified herself from holding elected office and you should use your site to get her indicted but instead its no big deal.
I have read truly great things by you but this single issue lessens everything.