June 1, 2016

The Trump University con

Political Wire

“In blunt testimony revealed on Tuesday, former managers of Trump University, the for-profit school started by Donald Trump, portray it as an unscrupulous business that relied on high-pressure sales tactics, employed unqualified instructors, made deceptive claims and exploited vulnerable students willing to pay tens of thousands for Mr. Trump’s insights,” the New York Times reports.

NBC News: “Trump University salespeople were instructed to play to peoples’ emotions and suggest that potential customers rely heavily on credit card debt or retirement funds to pay for the classes.”

New York Magazine: ““Most charmingly, the playbooks suggest recruiters exploit the desperation of a single parent with hungry children in order to convince said parent to take on massive credit-card debt.”

Washington Post: “Trump was personally involved in devising the marketing strategy for Trump University, even vetting potential ads.”

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dakati said...

Funny Albert Brooks line I read on Twitter:

"Personally I learned a lot at Trump University. Have your dad leave you 200 million and go from there."