June 8, 2016

Stupid media pet tricks

Journalists used to cover politics more like a sports event or, with the best, on behalf of their readers, viewers and listeners. The get Bernie behind Hillary obsession of current media is a classic example of how they have become a passive tool of campaign managers (in this case Clinton's) dutifully repeating political messages as news and fact. Thus the public does not know that 45% of the delegates to the Democratic convention are for Sanders and don't have to follow the Clinton-media campaign orders but can make up their own minds.


Anonymous said...

I am calling bullshit: The media as become ACTIVE participants in stripping the people of their voice and putting politicians before the people.

greg gerritt said...

In Rhode Islaqnd the local paper, owned by Texans, called specifically for laws against the right of the people to vote on whether to let their town be destroyed by a new fracked gas power plant. Yup active participants in the destruction of democracy.