June 14, 2016

Offshore Trump: Another reason even angry white guys should stay away from him

Washington Examiner - Donald Trump has been offshoring the production of Trump-brand products since 2006, despite his unrelenting criticism of companies that send jobs overseas, according to a new report. The report comesafter Trump was caught defending outsourcing as "not always a terrible thing" and sometimes "a necessary step" in a 2005 blog post unearthed by Buzzfeed News.

Trump-brand products have been outsourced to China, Japan, Honduras and Brazil as well as European countries Norway, Italy and Germany since 2006, according to data collected by ImportGenius, a company that gathers information related to exports and imports. The data also shows that about 1,200 shipments of Trump-brand goods have come to the U.S. from foreign companies and manufacturers since 2011.

Everything from slippers and men's shirts to ballpoint pens and "Trump body soap" has come to the U.S. from Asian and South American countries, the data shows. Trump has previously admitted that clothes such as ties, which belong to his menswear line, are manufactured in China and Mexico.

"This man made nothing in America," former Jeb Bush staffer and Our Principles PAC spokesman Tim Miller said in an email to the Washington Examiner.

"Trump has made an entire career and fortune out of taking advantage of the American worker to enrich himself. There is no reason to believe his rhetoric now. All you have to do is look at his Chinese product labels to know what Donald values most — himself," Miller added.

Trump, who has chastised companies such as Nabisco, Ford and Boeing for outsourcing jobs to China and Mexico, has said that "laborers are paid a lot less, and the standards are worse when it comes to the environment and health care and worker safety" in countries where manufacturing is being moved to. Still, that hasn't stopped the New York billionaire or his family from mass-producing a portion of their products overseas.

Wasington Post - Trump’s daughter Ivanka, a vice president at his company and frequent campaign surrogate, markets hundreds of additional products under her own line of jewelry and clothing. Many are made in China.

Forbes -  “When it comes to political hypocrisy, Donald Trump deserves a gold medal,” said Mark J. Perry, a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan-Flint and creator of the economics blog Carpe Diem. “At the same time that the billionaire businessman criticizes Ford for producing some of its cars in Mexico, and threatens to stop any expansion there and impose a 35% tax on Ford imports from Mexico, he certainly has no trouble taking advantage of the global marketplace when it comes to his own businesses.”

Perry notes Trump has imported clothing from China and Mexico produced for his brand. “For Trump to operate, outsource and invest globally while criticizing companies like Ford for doing the same is the ultimate hypocrisy. To be fair to Ford, Trump should either agree to impose a 35% tax on Trump Collection clothing and agree to stop investing overseas, or he should stop his threats against Ford for operating as a global carmaker.”

As economists such as Don Boudreaux and Mark Perry point out, there is no real difference between a U.S. car company investing in a foreign country and a real estate company building a hotel or office building in a foreign country.


Anonymous said...

He has been criticizing the laws and policies of this government that encourage outsourcing and make doing business in the U.S. so difficult.

Why should he be forced to do business in an unfavorable environment just because he has advocated changing that business environment?

People who have never run a business before do not understand this. Everything is all based on noble ideas until its YOUR money involved! I have no doubt his corporate tax plan and regulation reform could directly change the outsourcing equation.

Having a president that would actually care about outsourcing would be a good first step.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the above commenter is as sick as I am of the "angry white guy" bullshit this site seems so hell bent upon using. I think this site has lost it sense of decency. This sites use of the term "angry white guy" is basically stating that they are not smart or not as smart as you are.
I for one am an angry white guy and feel more than justified saying fuck you asshole.
I am a lifetime democrat and I have never liked trump or even thought of voting for him but compared to Hilary he is an angel.
I think Trump is part of the Hilary campaign to ensure Hilary the crook becomes president along with your fucking support.
Every printed word against him is a wasted word.
If you had any sense you would be insisting hilary be sent to prison she has no business in this election.
I dislike Trump as much as you do but if you think hilary is any better your sadly mistaken since she is the most vile and corrupt politician in history.