May 17, 2016

Trump would suppress free media

NY Magazine

Donald Trump’s candidacy is abnormal in so many ways — some of them hilarious — that important markers tend to slip past the public with little notice. One of those was a radio interview Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone gave this weekend with Breitbart News Saturday. In the interview, Stone denounced CNN and warned, “When Donald Trump is president, he should turn off their FCC license.” The context for this threat is that Trump previously denounced coverage in the Washington Post, implicitly threatening to go after the paper’s owner on antitrust and tax issues as retribution for the Post’s coverage. Now Stone is making in a completely undisguised fashion the threat Trump made in a barely disguised fashion.

The Republican Party is running a presidential nominee who is threatening to punish independent news media. Richard Nixon used to rant about this sort of idea in private, but he never did it, and he certainly didn’t talk about it in public. Now it barely even registers. This is not normal. None of this is normal.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious - that NY Magazine thinks that CNN or The New York Times or Washington Post is "independent media"!

The reason Stone went after CNN is that they routinely have people on to denounce him and yet he is not allowed to come on to defend himself because he has been ruled "inappropriate". So much for "free speech"!

So you can suck it media monopoly. Keep on discrediting yourself by running bogus hit pieces like the NY Times nothing piece on Trump supposedly being mean to women while hiding Clinton's many trips with molester Jeffrey Epstein to his island - and Clinton's crony deal with the phony bankrupt energy company run by his squeeze the 'energizer".

Gimme a break!

Matt said...

Clue me in. Who is the 'energizer'?

Anonymous said...

As is their right not to have someone on, moron. That's the right of the press, to have or not have someone on their platform is theirchoice. King Trump would be in violation of that right. Not other way round, retard.