May 3, 2016

The three letter question Trump can't answer


CUOMO: What do you tell these people, whether they are the Berners or the people who are in the streets out there in Los Angeles, the workers, when you say you want to be with me? Nobody’s stronger on trade, nobody’s going to bring back jobs here. Just give me two things that you can tell those people as to how and why that’s true.

TRUMP: Well, the two things are jobs, OK, because you mentioned jobs. We’re going to bring jobs back —


TRUMP: — and we’re going to do something else. We’re going to keep jobs in this country.


TRUMP: We’re not going to have Carrier air conditioning think they’re going to move to Mexico, make air conditioners, send them back here, lose all these jobs, —


TRUMP: — pay no tax when they’re sent, and hurt our country. So that’s not going to happen.


TRUMP: So, we’re going to do that. But, you know, the other thing — how? It’s very simple. We’re going to put — we’re going to make them pay. There’s going to be consequences. You’re not just going to take your company, move to Mexico, make air conditioners, and now start selling them in our country and not have consequences.


Anonymous said...

HOW= the old-fashioned way, economic sanctions and tariffs
or, as it is put into Trumpese, "make 'em pay".
A concept that escapes the imagination of a DLC apologist prick like Cuomo.
It worked pretty well for our first two hundred years or so.
A reassertion of nationalism is not necessarily such a bad thing. Certainly it is far more desirable that the alternative we can expect from Cuomo's pals at the DNC when Hils signs off on TTIP, TPP, & TISA.

sherry said...

My three letter question for Trump? WTF?