May 9, 2016

Some transgender reflections

Sam Smith - Were I to step into a men's bathroom and find a womanesque figure at the urinals I would be startled - for reasons of novelty rather than of morality. I would probably step into a stall and close the door simply because finding physical relief would take precedence over resolving social issues.

The second time it happened, I would probably go to the urinal two down from her telling myself to cool it, dude. Life changes.

If, on the other hand I were to step into a  men's bathroom and find Donald Trump I would flee immediately, not out of fear that he would rape me, but that he could ruin my life in so many other ways.

What really surprises me about all this is that even though there are many more gay and lesbian folk than there are transgendered ones, North Carolinian state legislators have been sharing public bathrooms with them without complaint for decades. Are gays and lesbians that less likely to attack fragile heterosexuals than the transgendered?

Who would want to have sex with a North Carolinian conservative state legislator anyway?

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