May 11, 2016

Six hour work day found more productive


A shorter work day increases productivity and makes people happier, research has found.

The Svartedalens retirement home in Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city, conducted an experiment to determine whether cutting hours improved patient care and boosted employees' morale.

Nurses who worked six-hour days for the past year were found to be 20 per cent happier and had more energy at work and in their spare time.

The 68 nurses also took half as much sick time as those in the control group and were able to do 64 per cent more activities with elderly residents.

They were also 2.8 times less likely to take any time off work in a two-week period, Bengt Lorentzon, a researcher on the project, told Bloomberg. The 10 happiest countries in Europe


x said...

If a six hour workday makes people more productive,
we obviously need a four hour workday. The singularity
is here. Jobs must be shared.

Paul Smith said...

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