April 17, 2016

Republicans ignoring their strongest candidate

Vox - Ohio Gov. John Kasich may be running a distant third in the primary, but he's the Republican presidential candidate best positioned to beat Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup.

That's according to new projections released .by the nonpartisan technology and media company Morning Consult, which also found that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would lose to Clinton in a general election.

In its polling over the past four months, Morning Consult has asked more than 44,000 registered voters across the country about which presidential candidate they'd prefer in a general election.

These models, as expected, show Clinton pretty easily winning Electoral College majorities over Trump and Cruz, the two Republican frontrunners.

But their projections also have Kasich — who's very far back in the delegate count — clobbering Clinton and winning the most lopsided Republican presidential victory since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

This result is corroborated by national polls showing Kasich consistently leading Clinton. And it suggests that if Republicans actually want to win the White House, they should nominate the governor of Ohio.

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Anonymous said...

If the elites make Clinton president, it will be huge mistake.