April 13, 2016

Great moments with Donald Trump


Variables most linked to a county's support for Trump

Trump uses foreign workers for his beach club

Via Jim Angel
Trump sums himself up

"I really don’t even know what I mean, because that was a long time ago, and who knows what was in my head.” - Donald Trump, in an interview with NBC News, when asked about a 2002 Howard Stern interview in which he voiced support for the Iraq War. - Political Wire
196 people Trump has insulted and what he has said about them

3 in 4 young black Americans say they’d feel like fleeing the country if Donald Trump is elected

Federal judge rules Trump involved in ripping off union workers

The real Donald Trump

Why Trump is not to be trusted with nuclear weapons


The real Donald Trump

Trump urges collective punishment - a war crime under Geneva Convention

75% of Trump's claims are lies

When the Trump firm blocked black renters

Let's be fair: Trump doesn't hate all Muslims

Almost half of Republicans without a college degree support Trump

Best description of the Trump campaign

Trump would deny full citizenship to Muslims

Donald Trump wants to shut down some mosques

Donald Trump thinks your wages are too high

How the immigration policy Trump praised actually worked

Donald Trump has filed for business bankruptcy four times

The vicious Donald Trump

Trump not only wants the White House, he may want your house too

Trump provided homes for for some nasty people

Trump, the high school bully

TV news channels give Trump five times more coverage than Sanders

Why Trump neds therapy not votes

Trump hasn't voted in a primary since 1989

NY Attorney General says Trump U defrauded 600 students

A business view of Trump

Trump talks (and thinks) like a third grader

Great moments with Donald Trump

Trump likes waterboarding

Who Trump wants in his government

Donald Trump's dumbest remarks

Trump even bought his audience


Anonymous said...

It's certainly pile on Trump time, isn't it?
What a mess we are in. For all of the fear mongering it is ironic that in certain areas of policy Trump has actually positioned himself to the left of both Clinton and Sanders. That's something most unacceptable to the duopolistic power structure, hence the multi-pronged assault from all conventional quarters. And what happens when the dark money derails the Trump train and we're faced with a Republican candidate of the likes of a Cruz, Rubio, or Ryan?
And, should the Demo Party succeed with their coronation of Madam Slick they might find themselves with some deep regrets come November as the disgusted, disenfranchised masses abandon the process in droves.
Yes, indeed we have a mess. As Glen Ford describe the situation, we have a lose-lose proposition.

Of interest:

Anonymous said...

Votre Jill Stein Green Party