April 27, 2016

America moves closer to becoming Trump Abyss

Sam Smith - With the most recent primaries, America has moved closer to becoming just more personal property of realtor Donald Trump. Trump - who regards his supporters as fans rather than citizens and America as a business to be acquired rather than a nation to be governed democratically - would be potentially the most dangerous president in American history. There are several reasons for this:
  •  He clearly doesn't see the difference between a corporation and a country. He has repeatedly bragged of his business experience, a metaphor that only works if you were to do away with the Supreme Court, Congress, 50 states, innumerable localities and the constitutional rights of citizens. Unlike the confederate south, Trump does not want to secede from the union, he wants to succeed - aka replace -  it.  
  • He would be one of the most egomanical presidents we have ever had, but, worse, his megalomania would not be balanced by any understanding of how government is meant to work.
  • Other than the standard charitable  contributions of the wealthy, Trump has not done anything of significance to aid the lives of others. Thus he has no experience in government whatsoever. 
  • His hands would be inches away from the nuclear button. 
I've been struck by the media's willingness to play Trump's game. It has not - with rare exceptions - examined his less than honorable business practices. He has not been forced to come up with positions on issues other than the ones he wants to talk about. He hasn't been asked why he has done so little to help others,

As for his opponents, it would help if they were more aggressive in dealing with his absurdities - ranging from nonsense, to false statements to lies. And pointing out that making big bucks off other people is not a skill desired of our presidents.

We are citizens meant to be served, not to be conned out of our most sacred property known as America.


Anonymous said...

And then on the other hand we have Madam Slick---we're seriously f#@ked. She'll sign off on TPP, TTIP, TISA in a heartbeat. With that, we'll essentially have signed away our sovereignty and have surrendered to a future of serfdom under transnational feudal rule. That, assuming the planet doesn't get blown to kingdom come, first, in the inevitable world conflagration that Liberal Interventionism beckons---these fools, abandoning MAD and returning to the idea of “flexible response” of the 1960s, actually envision the feasibility and survivability of limited nuclear exchange.
Right, Sam, we have a lot to worry about over the Donald.

Anonymous said...

To your points:

He brags about his business experience because he has successful business experience. Is he going to brag about his governmental experience? You mean, like the experience we've seen from the likes of Hillary Clinton?

Governmental experience demonstrated by those in power over the last 20 to 30 years? I would say this is highly overrated given our results. People are tired of the same status quo thinking from all the same stale think-tanks who have been so wrong about domestic and foreign policies of both parties. Think Council on Foreign Relations, et al. People want out of the box thinking about these issues - this is an opportunity to move politics forward.

While he can't be said to be a humanitarian and philanthropist, to say he has done nothing to others would be a great disservice to all that he's provided jobs for over the years. He has also become an inspirational leader to millions through his books and celebrity persona of American "can-do" philosophy and positive thinking in the shape of his mentor, Norman Vincent Peale.

Yes he does have an ego. This is not all bad Sam. He has great energy and passion and is motivated to succeed. Does it really matter why? If he can help lead the country back to focusing on the needs of the American people by rebuilding infrastructure, middle-class jobs, and less foreign intervention - that would be a great contribution to our political health.

As to your fears about his emotional instability re: the nuclear button, please identify something in his foreign policy that would indicate a trigger finger to go to war all over the world and risk a nuclear confrontation. I would argue strongly his "America First" non-interventionist policy would be much more stable than any of the recent presidents or contenders such as Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. that all follow the neocon line of trying to remake the middle east and corner Russia.

I would like you to apply the same criteria of your post to his likely challenger Hillary Clinton. An honest comparison is not favorable to her.

Anonymous said...

The Russians seem far more worried over Madame Clinton having the nuclear button (and at any rate conventional forces) at her disposal than Trump, who sounds very old school GOP isolationist, of the type not seen since before most of our lives. This is to judge by their own media/propaganda (RT, Sputnik, Tass, etc.)

I can TOTALLY see that woman blundering into a Cuban Missile Crisis with her arrogance and carelessness. With Trump I think his authority would be diminished for all the reasons you laid out, within the US government; he would suffer the fate of all outsiders who fail to make a literal coup and clean sweep: he would be obstructed six ways from Sunday by the career civil service and military brass.

I would honestly prefer him to HRC. If that upsets you, lodge your complaints with the Democrats, who could have offered us a better choice, but decided not to.