March 2, 2016

Texas politics update

Texas Tribune - The newly elected chair of the Republican Party in the county that includes the Texas Capitol spent most of election night tweeting about former Gov. Rick Perry’s sexual orientation and former President Bill Clinton’s penis, and insisting that members of the Bush family should be in jail.

He also found time to call Hillary Clinton an “angry bull dyke” and accuse his county vice chair of betraying the values of the Republican Party.

“The people have spoken,” Robert Morrow, who won the helm of the Travis County GOP with 54 percent of the vote, told The Texas Tribune. “My friends and neighbors and political supporters — they wanted Robert Morrow.”

Morrow’s election as Republican chair of the fifth-largest county in Texas left several members of the Travis County GOP, including vice chair Matt Mackowiak, apoplectic. Mackowiak, a Republican strategist, immediately announced over social media that he would do everything in his power to remove Morrow from office.

“Tell them they can go fuck themselves,” Morrow told the Tribune.

The Travis County GOP, which operates in one of the most liberal counties in the state, nonetheless is the local party for a number of prominent Texas Republicans, including Gov. Greg Abbott. The county party’s responsibilities include running elections and precinct conventions and working to elect Republicans at the local level.

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Strelnikov said...

Matt Mackowiack hates him SO much, he says he will start a splinter Travis County GOP to oppose Morrow's GOP outfit.

I would say the GOP is nearing implosion or civil war.