February 29, 2016

Japan's population declines for first time since 1920s.

Guardian- Japan’s population has fallen by nearly one million, according to new statistics – the first decline since official census records began in the 1920s.

The country lost 947,345 people – more than the population of San Francisco – between 2010 and 2015.

The decline of 0.7% to 127.1 million has been predicted by the government annually but the new statistics confirm the trend.

It is an indication that as the nation gets older, and people have fewer babies at a later age, a demographic crisis is looming.

According to the United Nations, Japan’s population is likely to shrink to 83 million by 2100, with 35% of them older than 65


Anonymous said...

How very careless.

greg gerritt said...

In an age of collapsing ecosystems and massive overpopulaton, the shrinking fo japan's population is a good thing.