January 13, 2016

How far right America has become

We not only have a reactionary Supreme Court and a GOP Congress, but we have 31 state legislatures in the hands of the Republicans, only 11 with the Democrats and 8 split between the state's upper and lower house. We also have 31 GOP governors and only 18 Democrats.

Beyond this, over time things have gotten worse. For example the GOP has controlled the US Senate and/or the House for 16 years since the 1980s, a level not seen since before the Roosevelt administration. Further,  a majority this shift occurred after the Clinton administration which claimed to be reaching for the American middle but actually was harming the Democratic base.


Anonymous said...

After Roosevelt's demise the domestic interests that had built Germany's MIC adopted a permanent war against their old soviet nemesis, which had saved America from nazi takeover. This ended democracy as inherently antimilitarist, at its heart no standing army. But the overt constitutional republic was later brought down by Buckley v Valeo. The plutocracy chiefly speaks through the old anticommunist model invented by Woodrow Wilson. But this is nothing new for students of the old slaveholding imperialist Democratic party which successfully blocked civil rights for 90 years, then during Jim Crow, militarist Wilson brought the US into an essentially fascist twentieth century. The Lincoln-Roosevelt North should win any cold civil war but lacks the leadership. What is true or false is so indeterminate that poorly adapted Americans appear have no ability to impact real events but for Bernie somewhat.

greg gerritt said...

What makes this even crazier is that polloing data shows the american public agrees most with the Green party