January 1, 2016

Good polls to ignore (at least the way they are presented)

The Hill reports

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton and President Obama are again the woman and man Americans most admire worldwide, according to an annual Gallup survey.

GOP front-runner Donald Trump ties with Pope Francis for second-most admired man.

About 13 percent say the former secretary of State is the most admirable woman living anywhere in the world today... GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, British Queen Elizabeth II and German Chancellor Angela Merkel all ranked fourth, each with 2 percent. No other female luminary registers above 1 percent.

The poll also found that Obama is the man most Americans admire worldwide. About 17 percent name Obama, giving him his eighth victory in that category since 2007.

Pope Francis is next, in a second-place tie with Donald Trump, each taking 5 percent.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, ranks third, with 3 percent. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the last man above 1 percent, taking 2 percent support.

These are good polls to ignore because the vast majority of Americans don't list the winners as people they admire. Of course, if they used ranked voting, you'd get a much better result but as they stand the surveys tell us little other than there is no one male or female that a majority strongly admires.

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