December 18, 2015

Same firm advising Clinton, Rubio and Cruz on foreign policy

Consultants affiliated with a small Washington, D.C., firm called Beacon Global Strategies hold the unique privilege of providing high-profile foreign policy guidance to Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, among others.

- The bipartisan firm was founded in 2013 by former senior officials from the State Department, Department of Defense, and Central Intelligence Agency, and quickly had more than a dozen clients, primarily defense contractors, according to Defense News.

Philippe Reines and Andrew Shapiro, both considered part of Clinton’s inner circle of foreign policy advisers, are founders of the firm. Reines served as a longtime spokesperson to Clinton and Shapiro served as her assistant secretary of state for military affairs.

Eric Edelman, a former Bush administration Defense Department official, is an advisory board member to Beacon Global Strategies and a leading foreign policy advisor to Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign. “It’s mostly about defense, but I’ve talked to him about the authorization of military force. I’ve talked to him about the campaign against ISIS, about Russia and Ukraine. There’s not a shortage of issues right now,” Edelman told Reuters. The news wire noted that that Edelman “regularly briefs the senator.”

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Anonymous said...

Just how much information could a Civilian group provide, without touching on something CLASSIFIED. Who would grant these civilians the authority to disseminate such information, and who would decide who would be allowed to see that information.

I'm not concerned that people of different political parties are receiving the same information from the same people, just that the source should be closely monitored - as in our current Diplomatic, Military, and Intelligence community.

Anybody out of the government should be 'debriefed' and penalized for sharing sensitive information.

So much for 'theory'...