November 1, 2015

The political race to the bottom

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio defended his voting record, saying that he is campaigning for the presidency so that legislation the Senate passes will actually be signed into law, instead of being vetoed by President Obama...“I miss [votes] because I’m campaigning so that in the future, those votes actually mean something."

The mainstream media is treating Paul Ryan as a moderating figure. Here are some of the facts. 

Hillary Clinton is running out of things to complain about Bernie Sanders. So she accused him of sexism for referring to her as "shouting" about gun control. According to this argument, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Chris Christie must also be women.

Appearing on Meet The Press, newly elected House Speaker Paul Ryan was asked by host Chuck Todd to name one thing he could accomplish in the first six months that “the country will be impressed with.” Ryan did not answer. Instead, Ryan went through a litany of Republican talking points.

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