October 24, 2015

Small businesses screwed in economic development grants

Good Jobs First - An analysis of more than 4,200 economic development incentive awards in 14 states finds that large companies receive dominant shares: 70 percent of the deals and 90 percent of the dollars. The deals, worth more than $3.2 billion, were granted by programs that are facially accessible to both small and large companies. More than 500 other state incentive programs were disqualified for analysis because they have barriers to entry that exclude small businesses and favor big businesses.

That is the key finding of Shortchanging Small Business, a study released today by Good Jobs First... "State economic development spending is profoundly biased against small, local and entrepreneurial businesses," said Greg LeRoy, executive director of Good Jobs First and lead author of the study. "Our findings definitively confirm what many small businesspeople have long believed." 


Capt. America said...

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