October 22, 2015

Police chiefs launch effort to end mass incarceration

Al Jazeera -A group of 130 law enforcement officials announced the formation of a new organization to support the growing movement to end mass incarceration in the United States, where more people languish in prison than in any other country in the world.

Law Enforcement Leaders to Reduce Crime and Incarceration — which includes the police chiefs of New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as high-level prosecutors and officials from all 50 states — announced the effort which aims to lower the prison population by reducing arrests for non-violent crimes, increasing mental health and drug addiction services and eliminating mandatory minimum sentences.

The new effort comes at a time of growing bipartisan support on Capitol Hill for efforts to reduce prison populations and change course on drug policy, with conservatives often framing the issues in economic terms, while liberals emphasizing social justice.

Progressive Review - As one of the few journals reporting on the evils of the war on drugs for over 40 years we can say that this is a major shift. And it wasn't just the government that was responsible for the drug war disaster. For example, in1970, Tom Shales (later with the Washington Post) reported in our predecessor pub, the DC Gazette:

"In one significant way, though, this new TV season will be different. The networks have launched an even greater effort to please the media-mad Nixon Administration.The most obvious element will be the torrent of programs on drugs -- little fright show peep shows which the Administration requested as part of its anti-drug campaign, Variety reports that "virtually every dramatic series and, in some instances, even comedies"--as well as daytime soap opera s--will feature stories about the drug menace." 

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