September 17, 2015

Trump, the high school bully

Boing Boing -  “He’s like an eighth-grade girl,” Rosalind Wiseman told Olivia Nuzzi of the Daily Beast. “As an educator who works with children, it’s an amazing thing to watch,” she said, “because you really wish the adults would be the adults and be able to check the person who’s abusing power and being so callous to other people.” Wiseman is the author of a book about middle-school girl bullying called Queen Bees and Wannabes, which served as the inspiration for the movie Mean Girls.

Daily Beast -  Bullying, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, “involves repeated exposure of one person to physical and/or relational aggression where the victim is hurt with teasing, name calling, mockery, threats, harassment, taunting, social exclusion or rumors”—or, to put it more concisely, the entire Trump doctrine.

“Usually people mature. They see what they’re doing, they see their part in it–but he’s like an eighth-grade girl that never sees his part in it. Never, ever sees it.”

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Anonymous said...

Brussell thought Hitler's genius was overlooked. People resonate at the deepest Freudian levels to fear and hate. Why antifascist FDR said fear itself was mainly to be feared. The intentional destabilization of US culture is reaching Weimar levels. Trump lacks his own security force, since this is only television and he's only acting. Given a constant diet of murder in the culture, defamation is only soft core violence. We don't expect Rand Paul to cane him. Trump doesn't have their number so completely as to invite his assassination as a matter of honor, as with Sumner or ML King.