August 18, 2015

The GOP dirty trick no one's talking about

An unmentioned advantage of the GOP having 17 candidates is that it gets to hog the news coverage. Here are Google recent news hits for presidential candidates:

  • Donald Trump 30 million
  • Scott Walker 12 million
  • Hillary Clinton 10.6 million
  • Ben Carson 9.5 million
Together just these three Republican candidates are getting nearly five times the number of mentions as Hillary Clinton. One of the effects: recognized campaign issues are those between GOP candidates and not between Republicans and Democrats.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Shock capitalism's revitalization dance of the millionaires, to dispell the falling rate of profit in the next bubble that will lift all boats. Aircraft carriers, Champagne music. The GOP's ancient rituals since Hanna invoke the old rugged gods of race and class, dollar, and flag. Primitive incantations of the predestined who are ranked in the polls. Bankable political derivatives, their powers reside in noble titles and mystic ceremony, captivating the electoral fan base that otherwise is restricted from looking behind the curtain.