August 26, 2015

Cruz out to destroy America's government and economy to get at Planned Parenthood

Washington Post - Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), told pastors that he would do his best to make sure the government could not be funded if that funding included any taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood -- but that any attempt to blame him for a government shutdown that could result would be "nonsense."

In a conference call that more than 100,000 pastors received invitations to participate in, Cruz said members of both parties in Congress want an "empty show vote" on funding Planned Parenthood, one that "has no teeth and no consequence" and is not tied to must-pass legislation. There is a way to ensure that the vote will matter, he said: tying it to an appropriations bill funding the federal government.

"We can expect President Obama and many of the congressional Democrats to cry loudly that if Congress uses its authority, Congress will be quote 'shutting down the government.' That, of course, is nonsense," Cruz said.

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Luis said...

The fear of shutting down the government is a bluff that needs to be removed from the arsenal or these despots. We can not fund an organization that is in the business of selling baby parts.