August 7, 2015

Car sharing for the low income community

Huffington Post - Across the U.S. people earning between $5,000 and $30,000 a year spend about a quarter of their household income on transportation. Though car-sharing programs can help low-income individuals greatly cut down on travel costs and gas emissions, these companies typically don’t cater to poorer neighborhoods since the profit potential isn’t there, Streets Blog USA points out.

But Shared-Use Mobility Center, a public interest group, realized how much potential these programs can have in low-income neighborhoods, so it’s helping to bring shared transportation to poor parts of L.A.

SUMC partnered with California Air Resources Board and the City of Los Angeles to launch a three-year pilot that will bring about 100 electric and hybrid car-sharing vehicles to disadvantaged areas in and around Central L.A.

The goal is to recruit 7,000 users who will, as a result, sell or avoid buying 1,000 private vehicles altogether, according to a press release.

That alone will help reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2,150 metric tons of CO2.

The program secured $1.6 million in funding in state cap-and-trade revenues.

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