August 21, 2015

America's increasing proto-ISIS behavior

Sam Smith - If you step back from the ideological goals of ISIS, it is clear that its way of achieving these goals is what upsets decent folks the most, a presumption that if what you are seeking is considered godly, then you are entitled to achieve it anyway you want.

We are horrified when we read of the ways that ISIS acts on this presumption, but we fail to note how this same concept is increasingly driving public behavior in the United States. Thus it is argued by some:
  • That police may kill, injure or abuse persons at will provided that they do it in the name of law and order. 
  • That America may use drones regardless of how many civilians are killed, provided that at least one presumed target is declared a terrorist.
  • That Republicans can pass legislation that results in the death, hunger or homeless of large number of citizens provided that it is done in the name of its political goals.
It is hard to argue effectively against such proto-ISIS behavior when our churches are quiet, the media disinterested, and our universities too busy finding new dollars from students and corporations. We must first understand far better than we do how modern corporatism promoted by morally vapid MBAs, modern law controlled by morally indifferent lawyers, and a media interested only in power and not how it was obtained have helped get us to this spot.

We may not be as bad as ISIS, but we are headed in that direction.


Anonymous said...

It's all about "Religious Freedom".

Xena said...

Well said. Thank you, Sam.