May 30, 2015

The reporter who got the Hastert story first

Wayne Madsen Report, October 2006- The rumors about another top GOP member of the House being involved in sexual encounters with young "men for hire" are confirmed to WMR by well-placed sources in Washington's gay community. The member in question is House Speaker Dennis Hastert, whose "alternate" life style is the primary reason for him and his staff covering up the scandal involving ex-Florida GOP Rep. Mark Foley and his lewd messages sent to underage male congressional pages....

WMR reported on old charges that swirled around Hastert when he was a high school wrestling coach at Yorkville High School in Yorkville, Illinois. Hastert decided to enter politics in 1980 after rumors surfaced about inappropriate contact with male high school students.

In July, Hastert was hospitalized at Bethesda Naval Hospital for cellulitis, a bacterial skin infection. In the Feb. 7, 2003 issue of AIDS Treatment News, doctors reported that they saw "a large increase in aggressive, antibiotic-resistant 'staph' (Staphylococcus aureus) skin infections in gay men in some areas -- and a separate epidemic in certain prisons.

Symptoms include boils or blisters; treatment can be difficult, and sometimes requires hospitalization. One HIV doctor in Los Angeles who used to see about one case a year is now seeing two a week. In the past this infection occurred mainly in hospitals."

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Anonymous said...

These are the same politicians that championed the draconian laws that created lifetime sex-offender lists...
As sure as the ice caps are melting, we will begin to hear pleas for forgiveness, mercy, etc.---something denied anyone assigned to lifetime sex offender registration.
If nothing else positive comes of Hastert's situation, in the interests of justice, fairness,and consistency perhaps we, as a society, might choose to reevaluate the impact and effectiveness of said laws.