November 22, 2014

New free computer tool to find if the government's spying on you

Huffington Post - A new, free tool called Detekt can scan your computer to find government spyware. Announced on Thursday, Detekt was created by security researcher Claudio Guarnieri in conjunction with Amnesty International; the Electronic Frontier Foundation; Digitale Gesellschaft, a German association dedicated to protecting people from Internet surveillance; and Privacy International, a charity that investigates government surveillance.

"What we really want to do is open up this whole discussion about this kind of malware and the companies who sell it and the governments who use it," Eva Galperin, global policy analyst for the EFF, told The Huffington Post in a phone call on Thursday. Galperin did a significant chunk of the research on surveillance that the software is meant to detect.

Detekt is not for the average Internet user, but rather it's "specifically about the threat that governments pose to activists and journalists, often in authoritarian regimes," Galperin said. These people can face significant risks if their web activities or files fall into the wrong hands.

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