September 26, 2014

The Michelle Rhee con continues, thanks to the media

Guy Brandenburg, Washington, DC -  I continue to slog through the 78 targets that Michelle Rhee (and her henchperson Kaya Henderson) said they would have miraculously reached with DC Public Schools by the end of school year 2013.

As you can see, our dynamic duo weren't even close to meeting their goals, especially on the elementary level, where the percentages of students 'advanced' or 'proficient' was about 20 percentage points below what they predicted.

So that brings them up to one and a half goals met out of 54 goals, which is a score of about 2.8%.

.. In other words, a failure rate of 97.2%.

Why does Kaya Henderson still have a job?

Why did the cash still keep flowing?

Why are their failed plans still in place?

Can someone remind me why Kaya Henderson still has a job running DCPS and why Michelle Rhee is a multi-millionaire whose every word is still breathlessly repeated as gospel truth by most of the media?

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Anonymous said...

The media loves Rhee only because she is rich