September 25, 2014

Texas pot smokers filling Colorado homeless shelters

Gawker - Colorado officials say that they are seeing a big jump in the number of homeless people—an alarming number of them from Texas—in the state pretty much just to smoke weed.

"We were averaging 190 people a night. Now we are averaging 345 people a night," Murray Flagg, the Salvation Army Intermountain Divisional secretary for social services, told Houston's KPRC-TV.

Flagg says that a quarter of the new arrivals to their shelters are in Colorado for marijuana. The director of another shelter says that over 10 percent of their new clients are from Texas, and they are there for the legal weed as well.

"People tell us is that they think they can get a job because marijuana is legal here," said Tom Luehrs, executive director of the St. Francis Center, a day shelter in Denver.

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