September 8, 2014

Chicago public schools outpace city's charters

Sun Times, IL - Chicago’s public neighborhood elementary schools improved greatly in reading and slightly in math, outpacing average charter school growth last year, according to a Chicago Sun-Times analysis of recently released testing data.

Though neighborhood schools scored just a hair higher than charters in 2014 scores — landing in the 49th percentile nationally for reading and math compared with the 48th for charters — Chicago Public Schools’ open-enrollment schools made much better progress than charters in reading over 2013.

CPS schools, on average, scored better than 75 percent of all schools nationwide in reading growth.

By contrast, ... charters scored better than 48.2 percent of all schools nationwide, among charter schools with available testing data.

In math, the growth gap was much smaller, as neighborhood schools squeaked past charter schools — in the 54.9th percentile versus the 49.5th percentile, according to the analysis, which weighted the scores according to the number of kids who took the test.

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